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Version 3.30

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Supported file types
Output file formats
  • Automatic format recognition
  • Compact and intuitive interface
  • Separate lens window
  • File tree window with file formats analysis and indication, thumbnails
  • Smooth scale option for 2D raster files
  • Line and text mark up for 2D images
  • Animated rotation of 3D objects (save it into Macromedia Flash for your website!)
  • Log file with information about file and errors analysis
  • Possibility to save 2D vector files and 3D models to the raster formats
  • 3D models transformation
  • Printing with maximum quality (with printer resolution even for 3D models)
  • Possibility to look inside file in binary or ASCII form
  • Running in batch mode for files format convertion or printing
  • etc.

Copyright (c) Alexandre Matveev 2000-2010